Weekend in Dijon

It’s been a long time since a city had excited me so much… Dijon is beautiful and so alive!

I love cities that you discover slowly on foot. Dijon is an ideal city to stroll for hours in its historic heart with its well preserved architecture. There is an architectural harmony that is terribly bewitching in Dijon: you turn your eyes 360° and you are surprised to see so much beauty. I will keep in mind for a long time the particular light that reflects on the walls. I take you there for a weekend full of sun.

A city to discover on foot

The trip starts well, rocked by the movements of the train, a book in hand. I never read a guidebook before discovering a place: first I have to get lost, then I have to find my way around, then I take out a guidebook, look at a map and be surprised to find a coherence between my jumps. Of course, this very personal method is time consuming, inevitably risky, but it is for me the best way to make a place my own.

In Dijon, I combined my very instinctive method with visits that were certainly more exhaustive and organized by the city’s tourist office. The change of scenery was complete: during a weekend that was both dense and relaxing, I was able to discover a city that is so luminous and endearing, that can be discovered on foot or by bike, and where every street corner hides an architectural detail, a narrow alley towards the workshop of an inspired chef or a dive into the history of France.

A weekend in Dijon: my detailed program

On the first day, I got up just after sunrise to take pictures of the white stone city, to immerse myself in the atmosphere of its historic districts, and to get some bearings already. In the early morning, I was able to benefit from the experience of a guide specialized in art history to help me grasp the soul of the city, and meander in her company through the alleys, mansions and gourmet shops.

Culinary stroll in the heart of Dijon:

– Morning discovery of the market and the Halles.

– Visit of the store La Rose de Vergy with gingerbread tasting.

– Visit of the Fallot mustard factory with tasting of very creative and modern mustards. A real favorite, we discovered singular products, with multiple influences, created with a real desire to revolutionize culinary associations. I left the store with a bag full of gifts for my loved ones.

– Visit of the Boutique de la Truffe.

– Visit of the Hénon Chocolate Factory.

– Lunch at the Bistrot Lucien in Gevrey Chambertin.

– Afternoon cycling in the vineyards.

– Dinner in a wine cellar in the Trou de Dijon.

The second day, after all these culinary discoveries, I was more interested in the history of the city and its protected heritage.

Walk on the traces of the Dukes of Burgundy:

– Walking tour following the Owl’s path, traced on the cobblestones of the historic center.

– Visit of the Museum of Fine Arts, entirely refurbished.

– Lunch

at the Brasserie des Beaux-Arts, which turned out to be one of the best gastronomic experiences of this year. The discovery menu took me on a journey with a mix of influences: an Asian ravioli with a fragrant stuffing of fresh herbs, crunchy vegetables, a light and controlled tartar, and an unforgettable rhubarb and mango compote with an explosive chocolate fondant… An unforgettable experience, at a democratic price.

– Climbing the Philippe Le Bon Tower and panoramic view of the city.

Guide: specialized in Art History, Marie-Christine Arlaud (Tel: knows her city inside out.

Accommodation: the hotel Océania le Jura is ideally located at five minutes walk from the train station of Dijon. The hotel is very comfortable and offers a spa and an indoor pool. I arrived in Dijon sick and I recovered in this cocoon, with a really caring staff


Hôtel Océania le Jura, 14, avenue Maréchal Foch – 21000 Dijon. Tel : +33 (0)3 80 41 61 12

How to get to Dijon: I have always loved trains and the sweet exhilaration they bring to travelers. Information and tickets from SNCF.

I hope that these few addresses will make you want to discover Dijon, a little architectural and culinary jewel. Don’t hesitate to complete this article with your favorites and itinerary suggestions. As for me, I would love to go back next year and focus this next trip on Burgundy’s nature and outdoor activities.

This long trip was planned, fantasized about, but not like this! I have abandoned my itinerary to create a random world tour, open to the encounters and opportunities that always emerge along the way. Send me a note, we’ll go drink a jerry can of tea… somewhere.

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