5 islands trip: reinventing yourself in salt water

Since the beginning of the year I have only been on islands, whereas these last years I had voluntarily forgotten them, thinking them predictable and smooth, so propitious to deliver pleasures to be devoured then forgotten. In Vietnam, I was going to hide in the misty mountains of the north. In Thailand, I would run off without thinking about it towards the Golden Triangle. In India, I was engulfed in megalopolises paralysed by demonstrations against the impunity of rape. Even in Oceania, I went inland, far from the shores. Islands are fake. Pleasant. I needed continents, hard, elusive, full of itineraries to work out to finally enjoy my freedom and not follow them.

The horrible repetition of the attacks has cut off all desire to write, makes me replay things for which I am powerless. I think of them growing up like us, of their trajectories, of the moment of no return. Then my body told me that my head was exhausted. For months, I have been deserting this blog. So I’m taking you, I’m taking you away from the incomprehension, to these five islands that have freed my head.

And I promise, this time I will be chronological. And I will even talk a little about my private life.

Reunion Island: the beginning of the story

As soon as I arrived on Reunion Island, I met a very interesting man – that little sanitized word, clinging to that sticky modesty of talking about feelings – and I went back a few weeks later to see him again and extend the discovery of this island full of character. The year started wonderfully well, with no pattern and no expectations.

Where to stay: in my ex-partner’s messy apartment… In a mountain refuge in Mafate. Or to be guided in one of the most beautiful hotels of the island, Le Saint-Alexis located in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains.

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More information on the website of the Tourism Office of Reunion Island.

Mauritius: in love

An island without mountains, an island frozen by postcards… And yet, the magic worked from the first minutes, sitting on the back seat of a cab, the head of my Reunionese sleeping on my knees. A romantic trip, with his own codes, his desire for comfort. I put my backpack away and he showed me Mauritius, which he already knew so well.

Where to stay: what if before not getting married, we offered ourselves a honeymoon trip? My ex-partner always thinks big, and it made him laugh a lot to see me disconcerted by the very insolent beauty of our hotel, the Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel, located in the north of the island. Price: Double room from 174 euros.

The Dominican Republic: on the wild side of Samana

The Dominican Republic is not only the famous Punta Cana! I was told, you have to feel it, continue the road, flirt with the map and zigzags. We get closer to Haiti, its twin so far away. A real invitation to a tourism respectful of nature

The region of Samana is also a whale paradise. This trip between girls, playful, sparkling, surprised us all.

Where to stay: At the Viva Wyndham V Samana Resort in Las Terrenas, a five star all inclusive hotel located in front of the sea, with a spa and four restaurants, to voluptuously recharge your batteries while exploring this magnificent and preserved region. Price: Double room all inclusive from 80 euros.

Guadeloupe: straddling Marie Galante

I regularly read about Guadeloupe, followed the Instagram accounts of friends who went to explore its islands. During this first trip to Guadeloupe, I mainly stayed on the island of Marie Galante which, by the melody inherent to its name, promised me sweet experiences. This trip was really a surprise – I didn’t realize I was going to Guadeloupe until I was sitting on the plane, I like surprises. And this first trip will be followed by another one in a few months.

Where to stay: I stayed at the Coco Beach Resort, ideally located three kilometers from the Grand-Bourg pier. With its feet in the turquoise water, it’s a small, very quiet, almost intimate hotel with a pool and offering kayaking, paddle boarding and wifi to guests. The rooms are air-conditioned and spacious, the bedding heavenly and the service discreet and professional. Rates: 79 euros for a double room in low season and 89 euros in high season. Breakfast is extra.

La Martinique

There are people who have a frankness that cuts through all the speeches heard. In Bolivia, at the beginning of my world tour, a thousand years ago, my path has long rubbed shoulders with that of a proud journalist, a traveler journalist who will revolutionize the art of mediocre paper-pushers with great reports in apnea. He is still talented. And proud.

After having pulled out the few hairs still rooted on his noggin, seduced a Breton and Swedish aerial journalist, and thought a thousand times about burning his blog, he went back on the road. And at that very moment, this old chameleon friend was in Martinique with a long term writing project dedicated to the DOM-TOM. I did not hesitate to meet them there. A small mattress at the foot of their bed was waiting for me in the heights of Fort-de-France.

Where to stay: my companions opted for an apartment rental via the website Airbnb, a real breath of fresh air for travelers. They had chosen to live in Fort-de-France in order to facilitate their professional meetings. I think all three of us happily fell under the spell of the little town of St. Pierre, and it’s there that I would advise the curious to make a stopover, before being guided by the winding and acrobatic roads of Martinique.

This long trip was planned, fantasized, but not like this! I abandoned my itinerary to create a random world tour, open to the encounters and opportunities that always emerge along the way. Send me a note, we’ll go drink a jerry can of tea… somewhere.

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